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Solutions to improve innovative ability of investment casting talents


Currently,technology is still the biggest problem of investment casting industry in our country.Although we are always winning good reputation  from overseas investment casting specialists,there are still some bad influence for the lack of technology.So if we want to enlarge investment casting market,we must improve talents' innovative ability.

1.Enhance the learning motivation of investment casting, the key lies in if  the teaching concept,content,methods,teaching means of senior talent is attractive.

2.Good at use all kinds of modern education methods,give full play to the advantages of reception learning and inquiry learning,the linear accept learning combined with dot network inquiry learning,in order to maximize the training and education function of teaching process.

3.To build a set of scientific evaluation test and method of performance evaluation.It is important measures and means to supervise and guide investment casting staff seriously study,consolidate the achievements,is also an important part in the teaching and the "baton".

4.Put the theoretical knowledge into practice.Expect learning advanced theoretical knowledge,we still need to use them into investment casting production.

At present,investment casting foundries are lacked of consciousness and ability independent innovation and the basic theory research in China, which seriously restrict the development of casting technology in our country, only increase the independent innovation consciousness and ability could we break the bottleneck in the development of foundry industry.

Edited by Santos Wang from Ningbo Zhiye Mechanical Components Co.,Ltd.

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